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We don’t need these vehicles, we need water-Mwingi resident to Ngilu

 Mwingi town residents have gone without water due to Kimwasco’s supply of the essential commodity having not been met as required.

Water shortage in Mwingi. Photo/FILE

The shortage has also affected surrounding towns such as Kyulungwa where several tanks had dry taps.

Residents blame the shortage to cartels. The cartels collaborate with water vendors to cause artificial shortage of water, says a journalist who requested not to be named. He said he was aware of the development.

In a public notice dated October 20, 2021, the Management of Kiambere Mwingi Water and Sanitation Company (Kimwasco) says that the water shortage is caused by lack of electricity to pump the water.  

“This is to notify you that due to lack of electricity we could not be able to pump water but we promise you that after reconnection we will resume our pumping immediately. Sorry for inconveniences”, says the Management of Kimwasco.

Residents have suffered water shortage in their shops and residential areas. This affected their businesses.

“We have not been given water as required. Per week, we should get it for three days. That has not been done and when it happens it is done in a short time and that supply is cut. Sometimes we get only sediments.”, says another resident.

They say that Kimwasco has diverted water to Chinese contractors building roads.

The Mwingi residents questioned Governor Charity Ngilu’s priorities saying that their water needs surpass her initiative to buy livestock carriers for small business. “What is the use of the vehicles we are seeing around? We don’t need these vehicles, we need water”, says another angry resident.

In Tyaa river, residents drink unclean water due to presence of contamination of water sources by livestock.


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