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Ruto told to take responsibility for economic rot and stop playing saint

 Two governors Ali Hassan Joho and Charity Ngilu have hit out at Deputy President William Ruto telling him to shun playing holier than thou on the issue of the country’s sick economy.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho speaks at the Kitui St. Martin’s ACK Cathedral on Sunday. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

They said Ruto was hoodwinking Kenyans by distancing himself from the failures of Jubilee government for his convenience yet he was part and parcel of the economic mess the country is in.

The duo said Ruto shares blame for the economic problems bedevilling the country and must first account for the nine years he has been in office as the second in command, before offering solutions.

The leaders spoke in Kitui town on Sunday. They graced the commissioning of the refurbished Kitui town Masjid Noor Mosque that was rehabilitated with a Sh. 50 million sponsorship by the Mombasa based Bajaber Family Foundation.


They also attended a fundraiser for upgrading of the Kitui town St. Martin’s ACK Cathedral. The Mombasa governor and his entourage were hosted by his Kitui counterpart, Charity Ngilu and Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu.

In Joho’s team were Muslim politicians including Jomvu MP Badi Twalib, Garissa Senator Abdulkadir Haji and Mombasa businessman and gubernatorial aspirant Suleiman Shahbal.

“We cannot allow him to continue misleading Kenyans with his bottom-up economic model, yet all the bad policies that have impoverished Kenyans happened under his watch,” pointed Governor Joho.

Joho said the DP is constitutionally part of the presidency that has governed Kenya for two five-year terms since 2013 and should not therefore pretend to apportion the blame on the sickening economy.

“It is utter dishonesty for Mr Ruto to play saint and oppose the government only when it is politically convenient for him while still in office. He cannot escape blame for what has happened under the Jubilee regime,” said Mr Joho.

He said Mr Ruto was fooling Kenyans by selectively praising himself over Jubilee government projects while castigating his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta and distancing himself from the failures.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho also affirmed that he had completely quit the race for presidency in 2022. He said he will instead be in the forefront of campaigning for ODM leader Raila Odinga to ensure he wins the 2022 presidential election.

“I will not seek the presidency in 2022 to allow Raila Odinga to become the president and prepare the ground for me to take over after him in 2027. Raila is the most ideal candidate to be president next year so that he can put things in order in this country. It will then be easy for me when I take over from him in 2027,” said Joho.

Both Joho and Ngilu and the visiting leaders in the entourage thus drummed up support for Odinga’s presidency in 2022. They said Odinga was the best candidate to take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Joho asked the people of Kitui to rally behind their Governor Charity Ngilu and support Odinga to become the 5th president of Kenya in 2022. The two governors hit out at Deputy President William Ruto telling him to shun playing holier than thou on the issue of the country’s sick economy.



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