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We will arrest you if you close this road again, Tseikuru residents told

 THE government has this morning reopened a Tseikuru road that was closed since Friday October 15. 

Tseikuru chief Titus Mutui ( far right) in a meeting with Kalimbui and Kathungu sub location residents. He ordered disputed road reopened. Police will arrest those who block the road again. Mr Mutisya Iviti (with a hat) had closed the busy road making residents stage a demonstration.

The closure of the road had affected transport along the busy road used by hundreds of Ilioni primary school pupils to go to school as well as residents fetch water at Kwa Kamanga shallow wells.

Led by their chairman Ngei Mutua, the residents drawn from Kalimbui and Kathungu sub locations met to strategize about reopening of the road. “Our only demand is that this road must be reopened. We will not leave here before it is reopened”, said Mr Mutua.

Last Friday, Mwinza Mutisya and her husband Mutisya Iviti closed the road effectively sealing the busy asset from public use. Residents were forced to leave their vehicles at Ilioni primary school for the last three days and walk home. 


Residents reopen Kalimbui road that was barricaded over land dispute between two neighbours dating back 33 years. Kasyoka Komu accused Mutisya Iviti of grabbing her land fueling closure of the road for three days. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Parents were worried about the security of their children given thorns were left on the path to go to school. They told Mwingi Times that they had to escort their sons and daughters to and from school to ensure they were safe.

Police arrival

Tseikuru location chief Titus Mutui arrived inside a police van soon after the community meeting. He was accompanied by three police officers: one wearing traffic uniform, another administration police and the last one was plain clothed. He was also their driver.

Kalimbui sub location assistant chief Joel Musila urged his residents to follow the law and not to engage in chaos. They had planned to stage another demonstration today. His sentiments were echoed by his boss Mr Mutui who led the police in reopening all the four fences closed by the Ivitis.

A noisy confrontation ensued after the first barrier was reopened. The police officer who was wearing blue uniform and wielding a gun returned to the crowd and ordered: Tutaweka mtu pingu hapa. Pasifungwe tena. (We will arrest you if you close this road again).

Mrs Kasyoka Komu, a neighbour to Mutisya who had closed the road told the police that Mutisya grabbed her land in 1988. She said that for 33 years, she had been crying for justice hence the closure of the road on their disputed territory. Komu is Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s relative.

Due to Mwinza’s rude remarks, Mr Mutua told the residents that he will record a statement with police over the road closure.

 When Mwinza saw our crew taking photos of the disputed territory, she demanded them to come over and explain. Mwingi Times was relentless. We only identified ourselves and went on to cover the event till the end.

Mwinza threatened to lie prostrate on the road so that she blocks vehicles from passing. She also claimed that area residents who reported her to police and chiefs did not have good neighbourliness.


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