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Kyuso to host new water institute campus

KENYA Water Institute (KEWI) will set up a campus at Kyuso township in Mwingi North constituency. 

 Mwingi North MP Eng Paul Nzengu speaks at a past event. He has partnered with Kenya Water Institute to start a campus in Kyuso township. Photo/FILE

While writing in response to a letter area MP Eng Paul Nzengu wrote for consideration in setting up a campus in the region, the institute said that its Governing Council had approved setting up a campus in Kyuso.  

“We appreciate the offer and wish to inform you that the Management took the matter to the KEWI Governing Council and was consequently approved”, reads a letter to MP dated October 14, 2021 in part.

KEWI will do a feasibility study on water campus in order to actualize the dreams of the community which the legislator represents.

Currently, the region is facing drought and residents walk long distances to fetch water. There is diminishing livestock feed for cattle too. A number of Mwingi North constituents skip meals to make do with the little stock they have remaining in their stores.

Due to prolonged drought, performance of students has dropped in Mwingi North. In September 2021, all 270 schools in the constituency were given relief food due to hunger pangs. Peter Kivurya, head teacher of Kithumuoni primary school in Kakuyu location noted that the attendance of school by some learners had dropped and their performance dipped too.

All the disruption in education and agricultural sectors have been caused by shortage of water supply.

Residents hope KEWI’s establishment in Kyuso will help in addressing the problem.


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