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 There was shock and disbelief as all 33 Embu MCAs snubbed a fundraiser spearheaded by the National Assembly Speaker Justin Bedan Muturi in aid of St. Luke’s Kibugu Anglican Church in Manyatta Constituency.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi (centre) with Nominated MP Cecily Mbarire and Runyenjes MP Eric Muchangi at St Michael Catholic Church, Kiangugi, Runyenjes Constituency on September 19. Photo/COURTESY

The entire County Assembly membership including Speaker Josiah Thiriku was conspicuously absent in the function that was attended by among others Nairobi Acting Governor Anne Kananu and all county Members of Parliament (MPs).

The MCAs are currently in a Tanzanian institute learning etiquette and campaign language to enable them galvanize their vote-hunting skills ahead of the 2022 General Election.

At one moment, the people grunted for their MCAs to speak to them when one parliamentarian called for them to stand; only for the call to be met with deafening silence and no show by the said leaders.

Area residents were dismayed that their grassroots representatives could not attend an event that had attracted political, business and social leaders from across the country while learning how to campaign.

Interviewees who spoke to the press expressed disappointment that area MCA John Gatumu aka Mwajuma and his nominate counterpart Cecily Warue alias Wamaviriri could not join them for the day.

The electorate is now perturbed that elected leaders can be in a foreign country while making merry in a neighbouring country.

Surprisingly, about 11 Ward Representatives from Nairobi County were present and questioned why there was no MCA from Embu. Grumblings from locals could be heard as no single local MCA showed up.

Banned from the altar

Despite the Anglican Church of Kenya having banned political statements in religious gatherings, powerful political statements were made outside the church ceremony. Mwingi Times has established that he MCAs were nowhere to be seen last Sunday service.

Manyatta MCA John Muchiri’s call to have Embu MCAs rise and make their contribution met deaf ears as no MCA was available to make any contribution. The church was devoid of local Ward Representatives to the end.

Speaker Muturi was also accompanied by Embu Senator Peter Njeru Ndwiga who also seemed perturbed by the absence of the MCAs in the high-powered meeting.

Nairobi MCAs got opportunities to address crowds at Kibugu market and got rousing welcomes yet the local electorate remained puzzled as to why their MCAs were not present to sell their policies.

Questions now linger as to why Embu MCAs would boycott such an important occasion to pursue some incomprehensible courses in a neighbouring country at the cost of taxpayers’ expenses.

It is not clear as to when the MCAs will return as the electorate continues yearning for services and messages of reassurance from their elected leaders who are understandably making merry in a neighbouring country at the people's expense.


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