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Deserted chief obtains court order stopping husband’s burial

 Jemmy Kalua, the Mutune location chief in Kitui Central, claims in her plaint that she is the bona fide wife of Kalua Kimanzi, the deceased, and that the burial cannot proceed without her inclusion and consent.

Mutune chief Jemmy Kalua Kimanzi. Photo/MUTUA WA KANYANGE


Jemmy argues that she has not been consulted or involved in the preparations of her husband’s burial since he died last week.

The couple have lived separated for a while following a domestic disagreement, with the chief deserting her matrimonial home to live with her son some distance away. The deceased worked as a driver at the Kitui-based Southern Eastern Kenya University (Seku).

Mourners who turned up at mzee Kalua’s home in Ngiini sub location last Saturday went home disappointed after they were informed that the family had been slapped with a court order at the eleventh hour by the estranged wife.

The ceremony was complete, the grave dug, presiding prelate seated and mourners were streaming to the deceased’s home to give him their last respect.

Hours before, the chief had moved to court and obtained a court order, barring anyone from her husbands’ home from participating in the burial.

Mwingi Times later learned that after the “disagreement” between the two, the deceased brought in another woman whom they were living together as a man and a wife.

The chief could not discuss the matter with this writer when he called her through her mobile phone. The writer went to her home in Mutune but she avoided the press. A woman at the chief’s home said Jemmy had left some few minutes before.

But her lawyer, Daniel Kithome Mboloi, said his client was not ready to discuss the matter in public.

Mboloi said the chief had instructed him not to disclose any information or details pertaining to the civil case to the media.

“Yes, my client is not interested in the matter being publicised. Nevertheless, the family has reached a consensus on the contentious issues in the civil case. They have agreed and it is only a matter of time to set the new burial date,” the advocate said.


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