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Feared mganga stalls land survey in Tseikuru

A feared witchdoctor took land surveyors in Tseikuru for a goose chase long after they had finished their work on other residents.

Kamanga residents were not happy about a stalled location picking exercise which they attribute to evil spirits. Photo/INTERNET

The Ministry of Lands officials arrived slightly past 10am and got down to business straight away. When they were done surveying 12 farms in Kamanga village, they were ambushed by a panting shosh who sources say is in her late 80s or early 90s.

“I was alarmed when I learned that you had gone back with the witch”, said a source who is also a neighbour to the elderly woman.

The elderly mama kept telling the land auditors to go to a tall baobab tree to take coordinates. When they reached the area, she pushed them further saying they had not yet arrived. This mirage chase went on until the officials go tired and rushed back to their car which was packed 3km from the alleged evil spirits zone.

Mwingi Times had a first-hand account of a coordinate picking machine not working yet it was working well in the other 12 farms. The surveyor, in a fit of desperation, said “We can go it is getting dark. We can come tomorrow”.

But the shosh had other ideas as she did not want to let the team go saying they may never come again.

As this writer narrated to the angry residents who were waiting for the stranded surveyor to get back, he was met with shock and trepidation with mouth-gapping expressions registered on the sad faces of Kamanga residents.

All that three hours of going round in the farm amounted to nothing as the coordinates were never captured.



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