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Tseikuru B surveyed

In what looked like negotiating how the convict will be hanged and she will eventually die, Kamanga and Kyandani villages of Tseikuru Ward resisted the push to elevated land facilitation fees to Sh1,000.

Kyuso lands officer Mr Mwango (in a cap) leads team surveying Tseikuru Ward. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

In a closed door meeting before the main meeting with four Ministry of Lands officials, the residents worried that they had earlier paid Sh500 for a similar exercise and nothing came out of it. Some of those who were involved in the rip-off were never surveyed and no receipts were issued to support the claim.

The 13 families successfully negotiated the charges from Sh1,000 imposed by the Ardhi House mandarins to an “affordable” punch. (Sh500)

The survey charges have been steadily rising despite the deterioration of economy after Covid-19 pandemic gripped Kenya.

Earlier, residents who were surveyed parted with only Sh200 for the exercise. Asked why they extort money from humble residents, Kyuso land and adjudication officer Mr Mwango said it was to compensate their survey work. He said that it will be used to cater for having their clothes torn in the bush and related costs like buying bottled water.

In a most dramatic standoff, local lands chairman Mr Kathuru Munuve was rebuked by locals for threatening them over land matters. In an introductory speech to welcome officials from Nairobi and Kyuso offices, Kathuru warned residents that if they don’t pay the Sh1,000, they will have to travel to Nairobi and cough over Sh8,000.

The lands officials kept residents in baking sand as they waited for them to arrive. An event that was to start at 8am began at 1030am.

By the end of the day, all the residents were surveyed except one who appeared not to know her landmarks. Mrs Kavata Mbiti was told to wait for another day which was tentatively set for May 26.

During the exercise, the land to be extracted coordinates was thoroughly combed by the owner of the land, a neighbour and land officers.

Mr James Kamau, a Nairobi land surveyor reads coordinates of a land he has just toured at Kamanga village. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

This is the second phase of survey in the region. It is christened Tseikuru B. Tseikuru A lands were surveyed and allotment numbers issued. They are awaiting issuance of titled deeds. Some of the Tseikuru A residents surveyed were Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Kalimbui area bordering Kora National Reserve road and some pockets of Kalimbui region near Ngalange.



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