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SHERIA wanted to teach his son Swahili and soccer

Sheria Musyoka, aged 26 years, was killed in a traffic accident involving multiple vehicles near San Francisco State University. This is according to a police report seen by ABC7 News, a US media company. 


Sheria Musyoka with his wife Hanna Ege and son Theo (right). Sheria Musyoka gestures at a past event. Photos/COURTESY

Sheria was son to Musyoka Wa Maiyu, a veteran singer. He comes from Maai Village, Nguni ward in Kitui County.

Police reports say that Mr Musyoka was pronounced dead at the scene of crime. He leaves behind Hanna Ege, a wife and Theo, a 3-year-old son.

Musyoka is a recent graduate from Dartmouth where he was among the top 3 per cent in his class, highlighting is brilliance and talent.

Musyoka’s wife described his death as big loss to the family saying he had dreams of teaching his son Swahili and play soccer which was his favourite sport. “He didn't deserve to die, especially like that” said Mrs Musyoka.

Mrs Musyoka went on to eulogize her husband as empathetic and compassionate in everything he did saying she doesn’t know anyone else able to overcome obstacles that most people don’t have to face.

"Sheria was the most authentic person, unashamed of being himself at all times. One second he would be a total goofball and another he would be philosophical. He was empathetic and compassionate. He had a lot of plans for life and he wanted to do really big things. He worked harder for those things than anyone else I've ever known, overcoming obstacles that most people don't have to face. He loved his son more than anyone else and couldn't wait to teach him to speak Swahili and to play soccer, his favourite sport”, she says.

Until his demise, Musyoka was a talent acquisition team member at Akili Interactive & Verana Health. Mr Chris Miller, his former boss remembered Sheria as tenacious in his education and professional pursuits and that he deeply loved his wife and 3-year-old son. I wish justice and not an ounce of leniency for the monster that made irreparable decisions that robbed him of the life. He was so excited to lead a remarkable life and I have no doubt he would have. Countless people that would have benefited from his presence and genuine kindness throughout what should have been a long lifetime, will now never know the amazing, witty, charismatic young person who he was. He deserved so much better than this and so did his loving family." said Sheria’s former boss.


The driver who killed Sheria was identified as Jerry Lyons, 31. He is a San Franscisco resident and has a criminal record having been arrested in December last year by California Highway Patrol – San Francisco for driving a stolen vehicle, being an unlicensed driver and a DUI (Driver Under the Influence).

The grand theft convict was driving a 2003 Ford Explorer that was stolen out of San Jose.

Friends and well-wishers can support the family through this link by following the instructions.

Hannah Ege, the beneficiary, thanks friends for support outlining the use of the funds donated. She says the money will be used to settle her and son and fund Theo’s education that will guarantee a bright future for him.

Sheria Musyoka. Photo/FILE

"We are completely overwhelmed by the generosity and love that has been shown to us. The money raised will be covering various expenses as well as covering the expenses to relocate and settle Sheria’s wife and son, Hannah and Theo. Funds will also be used to start a college fund for Theo to ensure he has a bright future.

Hannah will not stop fighting for justice and accountability, and when the time is right she hopes to start a foundation in honor of Sheria, focused on political reform within San Francisco and beyond. Sheria’s name will live on and Hannah is committed to doing her part to ensure no other family ever has to experience such preventable trauma", wrote Hannah Ege, Mr Musyoka's loving wife.

So far, the family has received Sh12Million donation and still going.



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