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Tell your girls to stop being loose, Kitui Women Rep Tells Parents

 By Bonie Kanyali

In the recent past, Kenya has been treated to shocking statistics indicating how thousands of girls below the age of 18 years, have been either willingly or forcefully impregnated. All this amounts to defilement, as the Kenyan constitution doesn't allow minors below 18 years to grant sexual consent.


However, men and especially young teenage boys have been largely blamed for orchestrating teenage pregnancy, with the assumption that teenage girls are completely innocent.

The African culture gives the female gender the ultimate right to decide on matters coitus, and unless in the case of rape or defilement, a lady is always blamed for loosening her pants. 

In as much as we shouldn't give a blind eye to sexual harassment against the female gender, their must fairness when handling the matter, as sexual matters cut across genders.

Over the weekend at a Burial in Baazar area, Migwani sub county of Kitui, Kitui county MP Dr. Irene Kasalu confirmed by previous assertion that young girls might have activated their greed for sex and that most might engaging in illicit sex by choice.

According to Dr. Kasalu, its about time that parents take the center stage in telling their girls to make tight their pants and not to carelessly open their legs to men, as the consequences of doing so are dire to their future.

"I urge Kitui parents to give proper counseling to their teenage girls and equip them with proper morals so that they may stop being loose and preserve themselves till they are mature enough for such. Its sad seeing young girls drop out of school over premature sex. Please train your girls to say no!," said Dr. Kasalu.

 The Kitui Women rep wondered how more than 1000 girls have been impregnated in Kitui in the past few months according to the recent statistics, despite the African culture reserving all right for sexual consent.

"I was shocked by the recent statistics indicating that over 1000 girls have been careless impregnated in our county. I urge young girls to say no to all sexual advances by the male counterparts. The female gender is always on the losing end whenever sex goes sour," added the Kitui Women Rep. 

The view of the legislator is that teenage girls should be taught how to resist sex until their sexual fruit is ripe enough for consumption.

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