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Two boys from Lundi village in Mwingi East Sub County died last night after they were circumcised on Wednesday by a traditional circumciser.

Mwingi police officers arrested the 70-year-old circumciser of two Kavonokya boys aged 5 and 7 who died after they were initiated. Photo/MT 

The two, aged 7 and 5 years were not taken to hospital as their parents belong to Kavonokya sect that doesn’t allow its adherents to go to hospital.

Area chief Patrick Mwaniki has issued a stern warning to parents to avoid taking their children to traditional circumcisers for initiation. The 70-year-old circumciser has been arrested by police who are investigating the case.

The bodies of the young men were taken to Mwingi Level Four Hospital as the family plans their burials.

According to a source who requested anonymity, the boys bled profusely and the parents did not take those boys to hospital as their faith does not allow such.

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