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I am a hustler, not a dynasty- Charles Musyoka


·         Charles Musyoka Ngoki tells Mwingi Times that he is his own man and disabuses the notion  that he is part of the dynasties

·         He recounts his many leadership positions he has held in school and hustle and says he is the best bet for Kitui County senatorial seat in 2022

·         He banks on youth and women groups for support and his political connections such as Mwingi North MP Mr Paul Musyimi Nzengu and Kyuso businessman Mutati Sonko, among others

Charles Musyoka is a young man from Tseikuru district in Mwingi North. He aspires to contest in Kitui Senatorial polls in the coming elections.

Charles Musyoka with his uncle and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. Photo/FILE

He notes that the youth are nowhere to be seen in all major elected positions in the county yet they are the most on the ground. He takes issue with the neglect the youth have been made to undergo by those in power and declares it is time he has a shot at the senatorial seat.

When asked why senatorial seat and not any other elective position, Musyoka says that it is the senate that decides the country’s share of resources and its legislation and believes he can handle the slot well if elected.

He says he believes in Youth Empowerment and supporting the young people in leadership positions so that they can be independent and dependable.

He graduated from Kenyatta University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Raised by a single mother, Musyoka recounts his struggle growing up. “I am born of a single parent called Ann Ngoki Komu. She is a peasant farmer. My father was a teacher then there was a divorce. I don’t know what kind of divorce”, he reveals.

The young man says that despite the huge pile of odds stack against him, he was able to achieve an education that was marked with a dazzling array of leadership positions he held.

All his schooling has been concentrated in public schools. He started classes in Kalimbui Primary and later Tseikuru.  After that, he joined Kyome secondary school and excelled before proceeding to KU.

Musyoka, aged 26 years old, honed his debating skills in high school where he was a debater and chairman of Journalism Club and a contributor in the school magazine.

There being a dominant narrative that he belongs to dynasties bearing in mind  he is nephew to the former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who is an envoy in South Sudan, Musyoka says he is a hustler and even Kalonzo “is a hustler” who worked his way up.


“I don’t think I fully belong to dynasties because it is in hustlers team is where I fully belong. Even the so called dynasty HE SKM (Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka) is actually a very strong hustler who has experienced poverty in his young age before he took the initiative of learning and later joining politics. Therefore I think my Mentor and father of Diplomacy HE SKM is not a dynasty. I am not a dynasty because I have really fought for my successful ways”, says Musyoka.

Mr Ngoki tells Mwingi Times that he will leverage on his fellow youth to eye the Kitui senatorial seat currently held by Mr Enoch Kiio Wambua. He will also appeal to women groups to address their challenges if he is voted in. Above all, he will use social media to rally his followers to come out and cast the ballot for him rather than just being popular in the virtual walls and not on the ground.

Asked about his views concerning the departure of former Machakos Senator Muthama from Wiper party and joining DP Ruto’s Tangatanga  camp,  Charles Musyoka dismisses the first senator of Masaku as just an opportunist out to squander Ruto’s Money “and he is going nowhere”.

He doesn’t squander an opportunity to campaign for his uncle saying that Kalonzo enjoys grassroots support from all Ukambani people.

Musyoka says it is unfortunate that the Senate has repeatedly failed to reach a formula on how it will share revenue to the counties, starving them.

He advises his peers to work hard in every situation and be alive to the reality that connections sometimes fail. He tells them not to rely on connections but “just push your wheel and God will reward you…Self-employment is key”, he says.

Some of his friends he is counting on their support are Kyuso businesseman Mutati Sonko, Mwingi North MP Malili and other people he only calls Nairobi Business Friends.



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