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KENHA and Mwingi Central MP meet, halt planned demolitions of Sh.0.5 billion buildings


Mwingi traders now have a reason to smile after the demolition of 60 buildings worth Sh. 0.5 billion which was to take place in two weeks’ time was cancelled. Last week KENHA marked all the buildings which encroach on the road reserve and gave the residents thirty days’ notice, effective from 26th May, 2019.

Life has never been the same for the traders whom their buildings were marked where they have been living with anxiety to an extent of planning to hit the streets for demonstrations. Lukas Mwaniki, a trader in Mwingi town thanked KENHA for being humane because Mwaniki has been living a stressful life since his building was marked for demolition and he depends on his business to maintain his family.

Susan Syombua, a trader in Mwingi town thanked the area MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi saying they are now relieved from the burden of losing their businesses. “It came to us as a surprise because we were not aware whether there is a highway in Mwingi town but we thank our MP for having a meeting with KENHA that resulted in the  cancellation of the demolition”, she said.

The area MP, Dr. Gideon Mulyungi called for a meeting today with the Kenya National Highways Authority at Mwingi Cottage Hotel to discuss on the timeline of removal of those encroachment and they agreed that there is no building that will be demolished.


KENHA were given an alternative route where they will construct the road rather than passing through Mwingi town which is congested. KENHA decided to construct a bypass which was already surveyed long time ago.

KENHA also decided to construct a footpath along the highway which seems to have so many kiosks. “We have agreed that when they are ready to build the footpath we shall talk to the owners of the kiosks so that they can move their kiosks backwards to give way for the footpath”, said Mulyungi.

Engineer David Mugweru,Assistant Director of KENHA, said that the red marks that have been put on the buildings is basically to alert the members of the public with the buildings on the road reserve that actually their buildings are encroaching. “The red marks will remain on the buildings but we are not going to demolish any building”, he added.

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