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AIC Archbishop Cyrus Yego has warned politicians in the country against engaging in premature politicking which is a major setback to realization of development in the nation and especially in the bid by President Uhuru Kenyatta to achieve his Big 4 agenda.
The Remarks by the African Inland Church Bishop comes at a time when politicians in the country either supporting or opposed to the Deputy President William Ruto have aligned themselves into two different sects; one named, “Kieleweke” which is opposing the DP’s t2022 political bid and the other, “Tangatanga” which is supporting the DP.
Speaking during an interview after attending a spiritual meeting with all AIC Leaders from Mwingi, Bishop Yego urged politicians to at least allow the country some room for development instead of diverting attention of Kenyans to endless political contests which are never meant to address the plight of poor Kenyans.
“I want to tell Kenyan politicians to desist from all these political gimmicks we are witnessing and instead support the president in delivering the Bid 4 agenda and also to focus on fulfilling the manifestos which they presented to Kenyans during campaigns,” said Bishop Cyrus Yego.
He called upon Kenyan political class to emulate what is happening in developed Nations like the US in the way they handle politics, and to wait until 2022 before they start political encounters.
“In America, politicians are only starting to prepare for campaigns now and as we know their elections are coming next year. So, there is no need to continue campaigning all the time without taking some time to deliver what we promised to voters,” added the Archbishop.
On matters corruption, the AIC Bishop noted that there has been development in the war against graft as in the past few months, minimal theft of public funds has been done leading to fewer arrests of culprits compared to sometime back.  
“We have seen some development on the war against graft. Compared to the past, public officers have started shying away from engaging in corruption. This might be the reason why currently we are witnessing few arrests in connection to corruption. The president should be lauded for this,” pointed out Mr. Yego.
He urged the president continue put more efforts in fighting corruption which has been haunting this nation since independence.
However, Mr. Yego noted that there some public offices where corruption has taken root especially in the ministry of interior where in Kenyan roads police have continued to take bribes and in some offices being asked to give out some cash for you to be served.
“We have seen the police in Kenyan roads collecting bribes on daylights. It is also hard to be served in some public offices without paying some illicit money. This ought not to be happening if we are to win this war on embezzlement of public funds,” He said.
He urged the ministry of interior led by Dr. Fred Matiang’i to do a major crackdown on rogue officers who are still taking bribes like police.

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