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Mwingi North residents have raised many concerns over tarmacking of the first ever tarmacked road in the constituency from Kandwia toTseikuru, claiming that the contractor on site is doing a shoddy job and moving at a very slow speed.

The road whose construction kicked off since July last year has seen only 9 out of about 30 kilometers tarmacked and the contractor is already behind schedule as according to his agreement with Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) the road should have so far been constructed half way.

Speaking during a consultative meeting between the locals and the contractor which had been organized by the area MP Eng. Paul Nzengu at Gai in Kyuso sub county, area residents expressed a lot of dissatisfaction with the construction work and called for measures to be taken in order to ensure that the road is up to standard.

Mbiti Mulonzya, a resident of Gai, in Kyuso Sub County said that residents of his area are not impressed with the ongoing construction as it is taking too long and the rains are near, hence completion of the road may take longer than expected.

“As residents of Mwingi North, we are not impressed with how the contractor tarmacking the Kandwia-Twimiwa road is doing his work, the road has so far taken ages and only 9 kilometers have been tarmacked,” said Mulonzya.

On an interview moments after the meeting, the area MP said that concerns by residents ought to be addressed as the road under construction is of great importance to his constituency as it would not only boost transport, but also improve business and help residents generate income.

Mr. Nzengu also demanded for involvement of the locals in the construction process by employing area residents and acquiring some construction materials locally.

“This road is very crucial to development of my constituency, what we want is the contractor on site to ensure that the quality of his job is up to standards and residents benefit fully during and after construction of the road,” said Mr. Nzengu.

He also called upon the national government to consider upgrading the road to low volume standards to better standards which will be able to accommodate heavier vehicles which most of the time transport green grams from the area.

Eng. Hilary Akwiri who is the resident Engineer working under the ministry of roads said that most concerns by the residents have so far been addressed.

Mr. Akwiri also clarified that the Kandwia-Twimiwa road in Mwingi north is a low volume road which is expected not to be used by vehicles exceeding weight of 40 tones. 

“It’s true that the contractor is behind schedule but we have urged him to increase is speed before the time frame set for completion of his work expires. Also, let me clarify that the road from Kandwia to Twimiwa is a low volume road which is expected to accommodate low weight vehicles not exceeding 40 tones, hence nobody should lie to you that the quality is poor,” elucidated Mr. Akwiri.

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