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Mwingi Central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi is now claiming that his life is in danger amid intensified rivalry between the wiper party’s elected Member of Parliament with Kitui governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

Mulyingi is claiming that there are some suspicious people who have been trailing him, citing that a while ago hired goons stoned his motorcade at Musukini. Three suspects have so far been arrested in connection to the incident.

On a press statement at his home in Kalisasi, Mulyungi said that during his tour at Mwingi town on Sunday he encountered a group of about 30 youths armed with bows and arrows who threatened him forcing him to flee for fear of his life.

Dr. Mulyungi said that he is living in fear that anytime he might be attacked by goons or suspicious people who have been trailing him, who according to him have been hired by people seeking favors of Governor Ngilu.

“Seeing suspicious people in town, armed with bows and arrows is not interesting at all, whoever is hiring the goons to intimidate me and my people should be brought to book,” lamented Dr. Mulyungi.
The legislator said he is only demanding for development from the county government which according to him has so far done nothing in his constituency; hence this doesn’t in anyway mean he is in fight with the governor of Kitui.

“All I’m asking for is development for my people from the county government of Kitui for they have done totally nothing to my people since they came into power. That doesn’t mean I am fighting Governor Ngilu, why can’t she do what is required of them,” added the vocal Wiper MP.

The lawmaker said that after the incidence he reported the matter to Mwingi police station and he expects them to take action against the criminals who are hunting for him. 

“I informed the police that if been seeing suspicious people in my constituency who seem to be trailing me. I have so far identified their ring leader and informed the police, hence its now their turn to take action,” he added.

The Mwingi central MP said that he has been forced to use his personal money to hire a grader to maintain his roads which are mainly under the county government, this is after efforts to request one from the county government failed.

“How can they expect me to remain mute even after having failed on their mandate of maintaining roads in my constituency, forcing me to hire a grader using my own money? I’ll keep on fighting till I see development in my constituency,” he said.

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