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Mwingi west MP Charles Nguna has called upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) led by Nurdin Haji to immediately take action and bring to book all those who were involved in the killing of Sharon Juma in order to bring justice to the family of the Student.

Mr Nguna said that there can’t be any good reason to justify killing of a human being, hence all those behind the murder should be prosecuted, no matter their stature in the society.

“There is no mistake which is worthy killing an innocent expectant mother; we need to see the killers of Sharon in jail as there is where they belong,” Said Mr Nguna.
Photo caption: Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna addressing residents of Nzawa market in Migwani sub county on Thursday.

The law maker has warned young girls especially those in institutions of higher learning against engaging themselves in love affairs with rich elderly men in the society commonly known as “Sponsors”, as this would be demeaning as well as endangering their lives. 

The legislator also said there is despicable moral decay in the society, urging the youth especially young girls should honor their bodies and stop trading their dignity for money, no matter how hard life has turned to be in the recent past.

“There is a great moral decay among the youth in our society today, our girls in campus should be wary when dealing with rich men in the society as we have witnessed many suffer in the hands of wealthy and mighty people just as we saw in the case of Sharon,” warned the Mwingi West legislator.
He said that many girls have ended up suffering in the hands of the aged sugar daddies who promise them heaven on earth and later dump them after misusing them for long.

Calling upon the clergy in the country to formulate new intervention measures to deal with the vice, Mr. Nguna said that the church should be in the forefront in instilling moral values to the youth hence all the blame would go to them when such things happen in the society.

“Religious men and clergy in Kenya should not sit and watch as our youths continue dying while seeking easy money, our children ought to learn that no amount of money is worth dying for, “ urged Mr Nguna.

The MP warned young girls against seeking easily acquired riches as in life there isn’t shortcuts only hard work would give them riches which won’t endanger their lives in future.

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