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Construction of a donkey abattoir at Kithyoko, in Machakos along Thika-Mwingi highway has elicited mixed reactions among residents, with concerns being raised after a similar slaughter house in Mongotio was ordered to close due to the health risks it posed to the locals.

VUHAI Machakos Traders Company, a Chinese company is said to have purchased a piece of land at Mwatungo in Kithyoko along the Garissa-Mwingi highway, but initially residents were never informed about the type of business the company would venture in.
It’s until recently that it came to the attention of the residents that the company would venture in slaughtering of donkeys. This triggered public uproar among locals demanding proper explanation over what the company would do with the meat from the slaughtered donkeys, amid fears that it may find its way into the local butcheries and the residents might unknowingly consume donkey meat.
During a crisis meeting which was held at Kithyoko Market on Friday to discuss the matter, one of VUHAI Company Chief Executive officers Jed Okina urged the locals not to develop cold feet on the company but instead embrace it, as all its products will be purely made for export to other countries like China where donkey meet is consumed.
Okina said that having a donkey abattoir in the area will be of immense benefit to the locals, as it would create jobs as well as generate income to the county government in terms of taxes.
“Having this donkey slaughter house in year area will have a lot of advantages to the residents, we are planning to acquire most of our work force locally,” Said Mr. Okina
The CEO promised locals 80% of the jobs which the company will create.
He said that proper environmental impact assessment had been done and NEMA has already issued a certificate authorizing construction of the company.
The company will have the capacity of slaughtering about 80 donkeys per day.
According to MP Masinga Constituency Joshua Mbithi Mwalyo, area residents have a lot concerns especially on the method the company would use to manage its waste and the smell to ensure that these don’t have negative impacts to the environment and the residents.
“At first the locals were totally opposed to the establishment of the slaughter house in our area, but upon further deliberation of the matter they have agreed ,” Said The MP
Mwalyo said that after a long discussion with the company, the residents have agreed to allow construction of the abattoir, though its operations must be closely monitored to ensure that all happens without posing any risk to the people in his constituency.
Area member of County assembly Justus Kiteng’u said that he was forced to call for the crisis meeting following public outcry that a dangerous company was being constructed in their locality without their consent.
“I had called for this meeting following concerns by public that proper procedures were not being followed during the establishment of the abattoir , this is why I invited all stakeholders to deliberate on the matter,” Said Kiteng’u.
According Kiteng’u, the residents had many concerns on the establishment of such a plant in their area, in fear that they might be made to eat the kind of meat they abhor and their animals might be stolen and sold to the company.
The MCA said that the county government of Machakos was in full of support of the company, provided it strictly adheres to the set standards and safety measures.

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