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Mwingi butchery operators have decried the deteriorating state of Mwingi slaughter house which is posing major health risks to the residents of the town.

Lack of enough water, shortage of workers and improper waste management have been cited as the main challenges facing the abattoir. The slaughter house also has never been supplied with electricity, since its construction more than 20 years ago.

Poorly managed animal waste and bad odour will be the first thing to notice once you enter into the premises of the
abattoir for the first time.
Interior view of Mwingi abattoir

Due to frequent water shortages in the town, the slaughter house has been relying on water supplied by a private butchery operator, the water is never enough. This has left residents wondering what the role of the county government is, in ensuring adequate water supply in the crucial plant.

According to Jackson Musyimi who is the chairman of the slaughter house, improper waste management and water shortage is posing a major risk to the town residents, who are likely to suffer diseases due to consumption of contaminated meat.

“With this kind of poorly managed Waste and water shortage in the slaughter house, Mwingi residents may soon start suffering diseases due to consumption of contaminated meat,” Said Musyimi.

Musyimi also said that there are too few employees in the slaughter house compared to the work load; this has been causing major delays in delivery of services causing butchery operators major loses.

Shadrack Muli, another butchery operator at Mwingi town has also decried lack of power supply and lack of a proper fence as a big challenge facing the abattoir.

“This laughter house has never been connected to electric power since its construction in 1993, we wonder why the government has been reluctant to do so,” Muli wondered.

Muli has also noted that there is no refrigeration for meat storage after slaughtering of animals, also lack of security lights has been causing delays due to insecurity and the slaughter house having to rely on sunlight.

The butchery operators are now calling for immediate intervention by the county government in order to ensure that the state doesn’t go out of hand.


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