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CS Sicily Kariuki Warn Against Politicization of the Youth Empowerment Program

CS Sicily Kariuki Warn Against Politicization of the Youth Empowerment Program


Cabinet Ministry in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Sicily Kariuki has warned against politicization of the ongoing youth empowerment program by the national government, as it might interfere with this key program which is aimed at ensuring that Kenyan youths are financially stable.

Speaking at Kyuso in Mwingi North constituency where she launched the program recruiting more than 500 youths, Kariuki said that so far the program has been rolled out in 146 constituencies benefitting about 140,000 youths from across the country. The CS added that KSh. 1.7 billion is circulating among 400 SACCOs formed by Kenyan youths as part of their saving during the program.

CS Kariuki said that the vision of the government under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta is to improve the lives of Kenyan youths and urged youths taking part in the program to be ambassadors in ensuring that the project remains as more apolitical as possible.

The CS was accompanied by Senator for Kitui David Musila, Mwingi North MP John Munuve and Mbooni MP Kisoi Munyao.

Speaking during the event, area MP John Munuve thanked the government for starting the program in his constituency. He assured the Jubilee government and the President of maximum support from the region promising to deliver to the government more than 40,000 votes from his constituency.

Mbooni MP Kisoi Munyao also thanked the government for the project and said that the Kamba nation will be behind President Uhuru Kenyatta in the forthcoming elections, as they are tired of useless party politics which doesn’t benefit the region.
Senator for Kitui David Musila praised the government for the program and said that if elected as the governor for Kitui he will award more than 30% of the jobs in his government for youths

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