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No reason to love Mulyungi, no apology to Mutua

No reason to love Mulyungi, no apology to Mutua
Mwingi North MP John Munuve. He is defending his seat on Jubilee ticket

Ukambani politics have been unraveling at rather unpredictable speed if the current trends are anything to go by.
Yet with all fairness we can say that the region is yet to see the last act of the so called Wiper wave standing up to the renegade rebels coming in the wake of unprecedented party nominations that left sore losers regretting the bug that bit them and new comers savoring their respective victories.
Without a doubt, Mwingi is the closest watched entry point in Ukambani given the strategic importance it offers whoever controlling the stakes of the day.
A resurgent architect Dr. Gideon Mulyungi is threatening to render Joe Mutambu, a single term MP. It has been said the race is too close to call but given the way things are unraveling, the former Housing PS seems to have a head start. With the benefit of colossal sums of money and logistical resources to perch and fly around the Mwingi Central Constituency combing for votes, Mr. Mulyungi is on a fishing expedition given the casting of his net further and wider.
Joe Mutambu has the benefit of incumbency that cannot be wished away. He comes off as a man who doesn’t require an introduction. He has access given the excitement the perceived ear he enjoys from the Presidency having singlehandedly brought the Head of State to Mwingi previously to launch several development projects. That was that. The man of direct line to the house on the hill.
But Joe is also a man warding off a traitor tag. A cursory glance down the streets of Mwingi doesn’t reveal an aggressive campaign to recapture a constituency that has already witnessed bouts of alleged voter bribery, intimidation and party politics boiling over the brim of the ballot box. Joe has the onerous task of convincing his diehard fans why they should drop the six piece suit and stop the pen and ink him in an area where loyalty and irrational love for long time players with little to show for the time they were in the high office is abound.
Jubilee will spend their last machinery to have a point man in Mwingi to neuter Kalonzo in a forced early retirement to political obscurity. Voters now have to make conjectures if they should let their heads rule their hearts. As things stand, they don’t have a reason to love Mulyungi. Neither do they have any apology to make to former LSK Chairman Eric Mutua whom they felled in the primaries and embraced Mulyungi.
But it is in Mwingi North where the real litmus test will pan out. Another first time legislator John Munuve-a Jubilee MP candidate is starring at polls with a sterling record but still against a steep Wiper dominance that would make the voters regret why they second guessed him and delayed his rise for public office for so long yet he gave them so much. With an arsenal of young intellectuals whom he has seen through college and high school via the NG-CDF, people are waking from their slumber as to where the bursary cash was going in the past when safety nets were unheard of.

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