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Inside negotiator Nyenze’s strong Kalonzo factor in NASA

Inside negotiator Nyenze’s strong Kalonzo factor in NASA
National Assembly Minority Leader Francis Nyenze


National Assembly Minority Leader and Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze has reiterated that it’s either Kalonzo or NASA is dead.

His statement comes a day after the Emali Declaration that mobilized the “2.5 million” votes of the people of South Eastern Kenya into one basket.

While the loaded message from Kalonzo’s man in the August House came with an urgent ultimatum to declare Kalonzo as the NASA flag bearer or else…. It remains to be seen what’s next for the crowded coalition.

2013 MOU

Evoking the controversial 2013 Memorandum of Understanding, Nyenze portrays the time as Kalonzo’s turn. However, ODM doyen’s allies have in the past argued that Raila cannot hand over anything to Kalonzo since there is nothing to hand over.

In the recent days Kalonzo has laid some ground work winning Muungano-elected Governor Kivutha Kibwana, longtime rival turned ally Kaluki Ngilu and Kibaki-era minister Mutua Katuku. Politician Wavinya Ndeti has also gravitated towards Kalonzo party.

However, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has eluded Kalonzo like the proverbial mirage.
Be that as it may, a fortnight ago another law distinguished professor Makau Mutua wrote in The Standard that Kalonzo should be given number 1 or 2. Another professional and Kitui Senator Aspirant Enoch Wambua declared in a no hold barred opinion piece in a local daily that the surest way for NASA to lose is fronting a Raila candidacy.


A rather mild Wiper Secretary General Hassan Omar told the Nation that his party will play inside NASA but supported Nyenze’s strong statement that Wiper is determined to front a Kalonzo ticket all the way.

A day in politics is an eternity; thus the remaining days to the polls could be light years of space where P.O Box Tseikuru son has a long way to go.

One thing is sure though, Jubilee is full. Kalonzo cannot get a position there. He would rather stick with the NASA. In Jubilee he can only self-demote himself-something unheard of in ego-driven politics of Kenya’s post-independence.

No amount of downplaying will convince anyone that NASA is a bed of roses to lie on. As DP Ruto chides the NASA principals, if you cannot agree who among you should lead, how can you  decide for over 45 million Kenyans?

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