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Relief as investor puts up Asphalt concrete plant in Embu

It is a relief for contractors working within Mt Kenya Region and its environs after an investor put up Asphalt concrete plant in Embu County that has began its operations today.
Mr Ken Mwaniki, Eagle 1 CEO during the launch of asphalt concrete plant in Embu. MWINGI TIMES/MT Correspondent

Contractors from the area  have for long decried moving long distances to procure the asphalt concrete for construction of roads with many citing high transport expenses for those making roads in the region.

Speaking during commissioning of the plant at Kangaru in Embu West Sub County, the Chief Executive Officer and  investor, Mr Ken Mwaniki said the plant will ease the construction work within the region and contractors will not be traveling long distances to acquire the commodity.

"This plant will reduce the distances contractors have been moving to look for asphalt concrete to make roads in this region. They will be able to take it near them and that is why I decided to invest it here," he said.

Further, Mwaniki said the plant will create more opportunities for the locals especially the youths.

He noted so far the plant has 500 employees and he will consider increasing the number of staff as time goes by.

Mr Mwaniki also stated that with the emphasis by the government to have many youths trained in Technical courses, the plant will facilitate internship for such students.

His sentiments were echoed by Paul Gatimu who said was a big investment that will change the faces of the locals and also enable the county government increase its revenue collections.

Some of the youths who have already secured employment in the company urged other investors to consider putting up other investments inorder to create more jobs opportunities.


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