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MP demands removal of dangerous road guard poles in Mwingi town

The road guard poles that were erected in Mwingi town have been cited by a Mwingi MP as being dangerous to the safety of residents and visitors.
Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu speaks at the burial in Kakunike village, Kyuso sub county on Saturday

Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu who is a civil and structural engineer by profession said that the road guard poles erected along Nairobi -Garissa highway need to be uprooted for the safety of road users.

Engineer Nzengu said he will work with his Mwingi Central counterpart Dr Gideon Mulyungi to pressure authorities to act on the life- endangering poles next to Muithi Museo (Good Shepherd) Catholic Church in Mwingi town.

"I will seek the support of the public in Mwingi and Mwingi Central colleague Gideon Mulyungi to demand the uprooting of the life-threatening road guard poles... Even if it means holding demonstrations", said the Mwingi North MP.

MP Nzengu was speaking at Kakunike village Kyuso sub county on February 11 during the burial of Rev. Rachel Vaati Mwendwa. 

The cleric died on February 1 where she was obstructed by the road guard poles along the Nairobi -Garissa highway. A passenger bus hit leading to her losing life. She leaves behind two daughters and her husband Rev John Mwendwa Kitangu.


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