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FORGIVENESS comes into focus in Brathe show

FORGIVENESS is the sum of regrets, lost opportunities and being positive that the future will be better.
Tina (left) advises Zainabu to seek forgiveness from Tobi but it's not an easy thing to do owing to the betrayal in their relationship. Will they last together?/BRATHE

As for now, there is a lot of clicking and gnashing teeth for Tobi and in addition to the list of "losers" is Sammy Kioko.

Tobi is put in a dilemma situation that will damn him either way the scale tilts. His cheating girlfriend says that "I did it for us", alluding to the high profile lifestyle the sponsor Baraza is rolling her in money.

Of course, in exchange for the favours that Tina can afford Baraza. The fantasy balloon is pricked for both Brathes.

The main issue here is today's relationships where money is a big factor at play.  But cheats in both cases only came clean after they were caught. That translates to the folly of the practice.

Out of principle,. Tobi left Tina's house in the last episode after he caught her over a phone conversation with Baraza.

Although single and undecided, Sammy may as well kiss and say goodbye to Tina. He may need counseling at some point since he battles low self esteem and hajajikubali bado.

The music is catching up with themes too as it depicts Tobi lost in thought. The P.O BOX Mathare case of love ventured into music as escapism but bad luck keeps following him like a shadow.

With episode six done, we hope that the seventh will be as captivating.


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