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LGBTQ immoral, unacceptable Kitui religious leaders say

THE Kitui County clergymen have opposed last Friday's Supreme Court of Kenya ruling that allowed LGBTQ groups freedom to associate.
Pastor Stephen Matandi reads the press statement from Kitui County clergymen at a Kitui hotel on February 27./MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

The men and women of the cloth termed the apex court's ruling immoral, unacceptable and illegal in the Kenyan society. 

They held a press conference at a Kitui hotel where Pastor Stephen Matandi read their statement.

The Kitui County clergymen added that they will not bless homosexuals since the act is sinful. They urged gays to repent in order to be forgiven by God.

The churchmen have called upon Kenyans to remain firm and steadfast in their faith.

The clergy hope that the attorney general Justin Muturi and the August House will intervene "for greater national good".


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