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History made as Kitui becomes only assembly to start its official sessions with prayers

The Kitui County Assembly Speaker Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya today had a breakfast meeting with clergy led by Bishop of Catholic Church Diocese of Kitui Joseph Mwongela and Archbishop Emeritus Benjamin Nzimbi among other members of clergy inside the county assembly buildings.

Kitui Governor Dr Julius  Malombe addresses the third assembly of Kitui county during its opening. The assembly sessions began with a breakfast meeting with the clergy who led a prayer session.

The clergy led a prayer session in the assembly chambers where they prayed for the members of the county assembly and encouraged them with the word of God to have unity while at work, love their people and maintain peace.

Kitui County Assembly Speaker Hon Kevin Kinengo Katisya meets members of the clergy in the assembly. The clergy prayed for MCAs and urged them to work with unity in serving their constituents

Later in the day the governor of Kitui County Dr Julius Makau Malombe attended the meeting and joined the clergy and the MCAs and gave his speech to the members and the clergy present in the assembly Chambers.

In his speech Dr Malombe said, "Honorable members the campaigns are over. It is time to deliver services to our people”.

He went on, “In the last five years, no tangible and visible development has been undertaken to meaningfully uplift our people’s livelihoods. We have inherited a sad state of affairs whereby the hospitals have no drugs, pending bills including legal liabilities had been allowed to accumulate to unsustainable levels, staff salaries delayed, sometimes in excess of a month or beyond”.

The governor noted that some wards were starved of development projects. This denied residents services from the devolved unit. He singled out denial of graders, machinery for road works and agriculture.

The MCAs thanked Speaker Kinengo Katisya for stepping out in a different form from the former county speaker Hon George Ndotto. They requested the Assembly to be holding the prayers annually.

Katisya said he establish an office of a Chaplain in the County Assembly where the spiritual welfare of all MCAs and staff will be addressed.


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