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Africa should not mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II

 Africa found herself in an awkward but natural emotion following the death of  Britain’s longest-serving monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II. This was due to the genocidal colonial past. 

The death of former British Monarch the late Queen Elizabeth II was shrouded in introspection of Africa's exploitation by the former colonial power. Questions were asked if really we should mourn her demise given those killed and tortured have scars to remember the injustice without any redress/Courtesy

Africans have never been caught in such a heavy emotion in their living memory. It should be noted that it was the last monarchy that presided over or linked the dying days of the British colonial era and ushered in "Independent Africa" from the youngest South Africa in 1994 to the oldest Haitian Republic in 1804.

The British monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II spearheaded unforgivable atrocities in Africa. Among the most well-known is the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya. They organized and mobilized to reject colonial rule and reclaim their land from Queen Elizabeth’s colonial regime in Kenya. Consequently, there were brutal killings of thousands of Kenyan people by Her Majesty’s government.


It is estimated that over 100,000 Kenyans were killed, many civilians. Her officials tortured and murdered Mau Mau fighters and forced relocation of civilians to the "protected villages" where living conditions were inhabitable. The list does not end here, to say, but a few. These atrocities resulted in lasting damage to the relationship between the British monarchy and the people of Kenya. She was the figurehead of our colonial past and White supremacy hegemony that, to this day, has been ruthlessly linked with causing instability in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Africans are now being forced and shamed to hold their tears of joy and wipe their grins on their faces after the death of this figure. It's astonishingly cruel and devoid of  any shred tenderness, even though it does not surprise many.

In a perfect world, her mortal expiry should be received with celebrations, ululations, and pouring into the streets across all the walks of the Black Lives Matter universe if it meant more than just bending a knee and a fist in the air. We deserve better. It’s like telling victims of the 9/11 attack to mourn with al-Qaida members as Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden on a split screen, with one half showing the victims of her atrocities and the other showing a royal funeral.

Nobody assaults your folks and demands forgiveness on a dotted line. They robbed us of our civilization, culture, and dignity and replaced it with brainwashed zombies as our “elected leaders” for their continued bidding into the future for tokenism, forced alien gods on us, and now we should feel bad when she is no more???! Bite me! Lets Africans raise a toss and light fireworks. Hail to boss karma!

STORY By Vundi_Hyphen

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