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I respect you Andrew because you moved on-June

Episode 25 of JANESIS, SK Entertainment is quite something. It brings two former lovers on the set.  While it appears like they are pawns in the larger game of matchmaking, it is clear that the reasons they parted ways have not been buried despite blessings of their mother and sister.

A screengrab from Episode 25 of Janesis telenovela.Photo/JANESIS

We cannot entirely tell how it will end but an instinct tells us they were not meant to be. Viewers are likely to side with Sammy who was expelled from billionaire’s home to go and work at the engineering firm. This was done in order to keep him away from Fari with whom he was getting cosy.

In this episode, Karimi comes off as a merciless mama who eavesdrops phone conversation of Sammy Kioko and Jane. She even tracks their movements as well as employing a mean man to know their intimate plans.

While it is mother’s love to want the best for her daughter, Nancy suffocates Fari’s dating plans by exiting Sammy. She also arranges June to date Andrew yet Andrew’s heart is for Jane.

Caught in a scheme of things of sounding mature and appealing to June, Andrew tries to try his last. He fails. And since June is a working woman, she warns him it is getting late and she needs to get moving for next day’s work. And no, “I respect you, Andrew. I respect you. And you moved on.  And you know it”, says June.


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