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WAJACKOYAH has the most realistic presidential plan


If and If Prof George Wajakoyah was to win the election, I would sleep like a baby. I wanted to say sleep like a Granny but I remembered grannies Don't sleep so well. 

Prof George Wajackoyah

I've never hyped a politician for the whole of my life. There is a reason why PROF GEORGE WAJACKOYAH. caught my attention. He is not an ordinary person. He is a smart intelligent guy. Not a mental slave. Smart attracts smart.

It takes a very Intelligent person to feel the sense that this guy is talking. Sorry if that statement made you feel stupid. He's not a wolf coated in sheep skin. As long as my psychology serves me right. He's the best Kenya has so far...


People might hate him for legalizing weed, especially those who hate weed. Why does it make you feel bad when something that you don't like is legalized? Feeling bad when people use what you don't like is actually a mental disease.

I don't even smoke weed. I have nothing against those who do it.

Prof Wajakoyoh will boost our economy if we legalize weed. This is because of its value.

He is not a joker. He fills every room due to his being authoritative and ambitious.

You don't need a Pythagoras theorems and non-electronic Calculators to know that Prof George Wajakoyah is indeed an intelligent man.  Wajacoyah is actually the only person whose promises can be fulfilled. His manifesto is clear and direct to the point. Easily achievable with maximum impact on the economy. This guy might never win, but he's the most realistic.

 You happened to watch him perform before the Incomparable Jeff Koinange a fortnight ago. Is Wajakoyah not the next PORK?

Your guess is as good as the BRILLIANT Muthungue Village sky!


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