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Lack of treatment causing mzee severe pain

 A Tseikuru resident has been left with a disintegrated family owing to feuds.

A man holds a panga. A resident of Kathungu sub-location in Tseikuru  Ward sustained an injured leg when he fell from a tree. He was injured on his right leg. Photo/COURTESY

He is suffering from tetanus that emanated from a rusted mental object (panga). The incident happened when he was harvesting honey.

His estranged wife has since left with their children leaving him sick alone at home nursing a swollen leg.

When he contracted the disease, he never went to well equipped facility for treatment.

He is said to be hostile to neighbours too and his unwelcoming attitude has made the situation worse.

Residents wonder how long he will stay in such a state. They also plead with govt to chip in.

He comes from Kathungu location.

"Ndevita nake etemelete vaa ivindini. Asyulikite muno na ndena mundu umuvyuvisya" (He injured himself on the leg where a bone was dislocated. He is suffering because there is no one to take care of him.)

The 60-year-old terrifies residents using bows and arrows.

A neighbour told MWINGI TIMES that the panga that cut him was very sharp. This is the second time, she said.

He is being "followed by curses", says a neighbour only identified as Mutethya.

The poor man has sold his belonging to help him in footing his medical bill. 

According to Mayo Clinic, a medical website, tetanus  is a disease that affects the nervous system caused by toxin-producing bacterium. It causes muscle contractions particularly the jaw and neck muscles commonly referred to as lockjaw.


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