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University holds peace walk to advocate for peaceful elections

 The University of Embu has collaborated with National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and Amani Club Kenya to preach peace ahead of August polls.

The University of Embu, NCIC and Amani Club Kenya members walk along the streets of Embu town in support of peaceful elections. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

 Today they held a peace walk to sensitize locals on the need to continue keeping peace before, during and after elections.

The walk dubbed 'Uchaguzi Bila Noma' brought together students from University of Embu, members from NCIC and Amani club who walked along the streets of Embu in a mission to continue sensitizing locals on important of peace.

While speaking during the walk NCIC deputy director in charge of Civic Education and Advocacy Killian Nyambu said the peace activity was timely to curb the chaos that has been marring elections in the past.

"We have observed in the past we have had election full of chaos and putting our country at risk of being torn apart. This is what we want to prevent and show our people that we can do election without chaos,"said Nyambu.

The walk organized under the theme; “Advocating for Peaceful Elections 2022’ was facilitated by the university’s Amani Club that was recently registered in line with guidelines developed by NCIC in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

Cause chaos

Mr Nyambu said in most cases youths were the most used by politicians to cause chaos during election stating that they will leave no stone unturned until everybody becomes and ambassador of peace.

"This advocacy programs will bring on board all people and they will be sensitized on the need for peace before, during and after elections.

We want to use the students as ambassadors of peace even when they go home for holidays to enlighten the masses on the need to maintain harmony and peaceful coexistence amongst themselves,” Nyambu said.

At the same time, he warned the politicians against campaigns of hate and urged them to shun tribal politics stating that the commission was on a look out for the politicians who will go against the law.

He said they will meet the wrath of the law including being locked out of contesting.

Amani Club Secretary General James Murithi urged members of public not to accept any misuse by politicians who use the public to fight for their political gains.

University of Embu Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Planning, Finance and Administration Prof. Eucharia Kenya said as a university they will work tirelessly to load peace messages among students and make sure they preach peace all over.

"We have programs running where we call different people to talk to our students and what we are saying it's peace, peace,said Prof. Kenya.


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