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NDINDA: Keeping our eyes healthy


Happy new month our dear esteemed readers! Welcome to yet another episode of our Stay Healthy column. Today we are going to take a look at how we can maintain a great eye health all day long. 

Wearing a specialist-recommended glasses is one way of taking care of your eyes. Photo/COURTESY

Providing a good environment for our eyes is key since our eyes aid in our vision while we live. According to a research report done by National Eye Health Strategic Plan (2020-2025), 2.2Billion people globally have a vision impairment or blindness while an estimated 15.5 per cent of Kenyans need quality eye care. See the seriousness? Please do not take your eye care for granted. Our eyes need care and check up like any other part of the body.

The very first important tip is making sure that we all eat well and healthy. Eating a balanced diet aids a lot in making sure that our health is well guaranteed. Consider foods with Omega-3 such as fish, Vitamin C and R and vegetables such as spinach and kales.

In one of our episodes, we talked about the nutritious value of doing vegetables. Remember? We still insist on the same.

Secondly, avoid too much light. This could be coming from your phone or computer. Too long sitting hours could cause eye strain among other health related issues such as back pain, headaches and blurred vision. Limit the hours that you spend in front of your machine.


Visit an eye doctor. A regular visit to an ophthalmologist could be very healthy so that your eyes can get diagnosed and if there is any issue, it is resolved early enough to avoid future health complications.

Try eye glasses. Get the right pair of sun glasses that will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Such rays accelerate the chances of cataracts, which in return cause eye problems. Get these pairs of glasses from a specialist. I am sure you don't want to purchase something that you aren't sure of. Quality first.

Dear reader, do not ignore all those eye problems. Could be red and itchy eyes. It all starts somewhere. This could be a sign that you need an eye check up. Any products used for your eyes should be a recommended one by a specialist. Better eye care, for a better tomorrow. Stay Healthy. Always! 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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