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STALEMATE after Goons interrupt Kuvasila rally at Kakongo

 There was chaos when a group of rowdy and seemingly drunk youth invaded a campaign rally of a popular parliamentary contestant in Mwingi West on Tuesday evening. 

Former Kitui County CECM for Environment, Tourism, Climate Change and Natural Resources Patrick Koki Musau alias Kuvasila. He is vying for Mwingi West MP seat. His campaign rally was interrupted by a group of youth chanting pro-CNN slogans. Photo/FILE

The goons, allegedly sponsored by the area MP Charles Ngusya Nguna popularly known as CNN tried to interrupt a campaign rally of his competitor Patrick Koki Musau alias Kuvasila. 

Kuvasila, a former long serving County Executive Committee Member in Governor Charity Ngilu's administration was holding a rally at Kakongo market in Kiomo/Kyethani ward when the youth charged towards the venue and demanded that he left the place saying the area was is the incumbent's bedrock.  

According to multiple sources who witnessed the chaos, the goons had arrived at the market before the aspirant. 

"They came way before the meeting started. They were bought alcohol from local joints here. After they got intoxicated, they came to where the rally was at the market shade built by governor Malombe and started chanting pro-CNN slogans," said a resident who sought anonymity. 

"None of the youth comes from this place. They were from Kiio and Kairungu areas," the source told Mwingi Times on phone. 

Throwing stones

"They tried to interrupt the first speaker. They were even throwing stones but were overpowered," he added. 

A renown businessman said the rowdy youth were ferried   to the busy shopping centre to cause mayhem at the rally and deny the vocal politician a chance to address the locals but their efforts were thwarted by the politician's men. "CNN alikuwa ametuma vikaragosi wake kuharibu mkutano but hawajapenda," he said. 

Local residents condemned the incident and said all contestants should be allowed to campaign freely in any part of the constituency. 

Kiio and Kairungu areas are perceived strongholds of the incumbent. The MP comes from Kiio village which is bordered by Kairungu village to the South.

While Kakongo area is in Kairungu location administratively, the area is largely perceived as lukewarm voting zone for the MP despite being one of the vote-rich zones of his Kiomo/Kyethani backyard. 

After the riotous youth were repulsed, the meeting went on well with Kuvasila calling for his competitors to shun violence during campaigns. 

The former Ngilu's powerful minister has put forth a spirited campaigns that has seen him pitch tent in various areas of the constituency since he resigned from the county.

He is seeking to ouster CNN who is serving his first term.


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