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NJUE: My brother needs your hand

Caxton Mukundi Njeru’s family is appealing for medical assistance from well-wishers to help in clearing a huge medical bill over cancer of the long bones.

The family of Caxton Mukundi Njeru is appealing for help in clearing his medical bill totaling KSh180,000. The cash assistance can be sent to Diana Gacheri (0713 861554). Photo/MUTUGI NJUE

Mr Njeru was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. His right leg got swollen and it became hard to walk.

The family spokesperson Mutugi Njue says that the younger brother had to undergo amputation above the knee as recommended by doctors.

To save life, doctors recommended an amputation above the knee. We all accepted that it was just a small loss; the leg had to go, he says.

After he was amputated, he underwent chemotherapy at Embu Children Hospital (Tenri) and continued hospital admission. This increased his medical bills further, informing the need to help the young family so that Caxton resumes playing with his two-year-old daughter Mukiri and reuniting with wife Diana Gacheri.

Medical bill

A recommendation letter dated March 19 this year from the hospital confirms Mr Njeru’s current medical bill is KSh180,000. “He requires to undergo hip disarticulation which will cost 180,000”, reads the letter in part.

Despite the traumatizing experience for the family, Caxton has remained optimistic that his health with be restored.

After the amputation, there needed a series of a few more procedures. Drugs made him sickly and weak. But he has not given up”, says Mr Njue who is a veteran journalist working with Embu County Assembly as Principal IT and Communication Officer.

Mutugi says that for Caxton to be cancer-free, he needs to continue with treatment at some cost. This is what made the family to appeal for his help.

The family will be holding a fundraising at ACK St. Luke’s Church, Kibugu. No physical fundraiser yet.

The contributions can be sent to Diana Gacheri (0713 861554).

Mutugi’s final appeal to well-wishers is thus: Kindly help Caxton get well.


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