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Harvest water as rainy season starts, farmers told

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Irrigation (MAWI) in Kitui County has urged farmers to take the opportunity of March-April-May rains by trapping water for domestic use as well as for farm.

Rains pounding Kitui town during the morning hours of January 21, 2021. Photo/JOHN MUSEMBI

MAWI has partnered with Kenya Meteorological Department and a number of NGOs to prepare an advisory that will help residents reap the benefits accruing from the rain season set to begin later this month.

The farmers have also been guided in tiling and manuring their farms early enough. They can do this by repairing soil and water conservation structures such as terraces. Local agricultural extension officers may be consulted where one needs help, says the advisory whose copy Mwingi Times has obtained.

Since Kitui County is drought-prone, farmers should plant crops that withstand low rainfall. They include sorghum, cowpeas and green grams.

MAWI and partners have recommended varieties to plant for each crop.

Under sorghum (muvya), Gadam, Sila, Seredo and Advanta were named as varieties that give high yields when planted well.

Green gram farmers can plant N26 (Nylon), KS20 (Makueni), Biashara and Karembo for best yields.

Occurrences of flash floods, pests and diseases are expected reduce harvests.


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