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MUMONI MCA Aspirant: I will serve all people not just a few

 MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT: Karibu Sana Mheshimiwa and I don't want us to circumnavigate. We should start the conversation with one basic Question. Why Have you decided to run for the Member of County Assembly in Mumoni ward and not Tseikuru, Tharaka, Kyuso or even Nairobi County Wards? 

Mumoni MCA Aspirant Samuel  Musya during his campaign train (left) at Mwangu Full Gospel Churches of Kenya (FGCK). His mugshot on the right. Photo/RONNEY MWANDIKWA

SAMUEL MUIMI MUSYA: I am born and brought up in Mumoni. It's my home ward. That's why anything for me begins and ends there.

2.Well we've seen pupils learning under trees and other dilapidated structures. Who is to blame for such menaces?

It’s unfortunate at this day and age. Poor leadership at the local levels is to be blamed. Both national government and county government.

3.What do you think should be done? 

Both national and county governments are to be blamed. Local leadership should work hand in hand with other government agencies to ensure such things are sorted out. A good leader can as well source for donors and friends from all over to ensure at least good structures are done.

4.We saw Youth and Women rejoicing after you declared your intention to run. Do you think that was a soft landing having it in mind that the Youth and Women form the majority of the voters? 

It’s a good start but the most important thing should be what you are going to offer to our people and not just the two categories but everyone in the society including the disabled and wazees. Not all young people are good leaders. People should scrutinize every candidate well and ensure our people get to elect a sober leader. Though I can't disagree it's a good start off.

5.Highlight to our readers what your manifesto entails especially about matters that directly affect their daily lives? 

I won't go deep in my manifesto as I am yet to release it but, in a nutshell, I have something for everyone in the community. Health, Water, passable roads, youth empowerment and women empowerment through groups. And most importantly, Education.

6. Do you think Mumoni leverages on its strategic position or competition is too much from other wards especially Tseikuru which has the biggest livestock market and has witnessed opening of schools and banks in record numbers? 

Mumoni should be the hub of all these but we are being overtaken by Tseikurians because of electing business orientated politicians.

I think Mumoni Ward is coming up well because even in terms of educated fellows we have seen young people now getting top and top. It can take time to develop to some levels as compared to our neighbours but sure, we will get there.

Leadership is a key factor and that's why we need a young, energetic and vibrant leader who is willing to go an extra mile to attract investors from all over. That way we shall get far but if we depend on government 100 per cent, we may be slow on growth.

7.Is Tseikuru's gain Mumoni's loss?

Not necessarily, I believe each ward can stand in its own and do great depending on the leadership on the ground. Although we can't ignore the interdependence within our neighbourhoods.

8.Mumoni prides itself in having some of the best secondary schools in the larger Mwingi. They include Nguuku Secondary school, Kaundu secondary school and Some Technical Training Institutions. How will you address early child education if elected given it is the one that devolved units major on?

Pushing for more investment on early childhood education as well as early childhood infrastructure.

9. If a visitor comes to Mumoni for the first time, what are the best places to go? 

There are a number of places that anyone who has visited Mumoni should rush to. One of such is the beautiful Tana River which runs through most parts of the ward, Mumoni hills which offers great forests and scenery, bore fit and spillway where the water magic dwells among other places.

10.Who do you perceive as your biggest competitor in August polls and why? 

My biggest competitor in August polls is my convincing factor to ensure I clinch the seat and not individuals as such. Not unless I get to know what other aspirants stand for but for now am my abilities are my biggest challenger.

11.What are the main challenges facing the local Mwananchi and how are you going to tackle them? 


a) Health- Our people are suffering from empty dispensaries including the new ones without doctors. My first priority once elected is to ensure that I push for availability of medicine, medical equipment plus medical practitioners in our local dispensaries.

b) Water-We need to push for more water points and earth dams as our people have been traversing long distances in search of water.

c) Passable roads- most of the roads in our ward are not in very good shape and especially when it rains. Apart from just normal grading we must think of doing more drifts do avoid transport being sabotaged especially during rainy seasons whereby our people have to miss market days or sleep in river banks waiting for water to subsidize.

d) Vocational training centres. I'll champion for equipping of vocational institutions within the ward so as to ensure more youths are enrolled so that they may acquire life-changing skills.

12.Do you think Party factor will determine the outcome of the August 8th Election? Mumoni is Wiper's bedroom though in 2013 they voted against Wiper should history repeat itself come August or we should prepare for a fresh Paradigm? 

This time around, the people are more knowledgeable and are willing to vote a better candidate rather than just a party. Personally, I am going independent since I represent people's will and opinions rather than facilitating parties’ mission at the expense of our innocent people.


Editor’s Note: In a continuing series of engaging political aspirants in Ukambani and beyond, today we have interviewed Mr Samuel Muimi Musya, a young man with big dreams to change Mumoni ward with radical paradigm shift from party traditions to people-centred development.

This special coverage is meant to equip the voters with knowledge that will help them decide based on what candidates offer them.

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