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KASALU lauds reforms in Kitui Women Prison

 Kitui County MP Irene Kasalu has joined Kitui Women Prisons in celebrating International Women’s Day.  She said women were integral in the social composition of the society as the play a very crucial role.

Kitui Woman Representative Irene Kasalu (right) joins Kitui Women Prisons staff and inmates  during celebrations of International Women's Day  at Kitui Women Prison. Photo/JOSPHINE MWENDE

“This is the day we recognize the contributions of women in our society”, she said.

Kasalu noted that the number of prisoners in the Kitui correctional facility had reduced. “I want to thank you because the number of prisoners here has reduced. The women incarcerated here were able to be freed after having reformed and went to their families.” she added.

She urged women to vie for elective seats in Kenya in order to have leaders who can articulate women’s issues better and bring development to the country.

“We know very well that the bedrock of the family is the mother. When the mother is in prison, it is likely that what is happening at home are things which are not good”, said the first-term Kitui Woman Representative.

The inmates promised the woman rep that when they will complete their sentences and return home, they will be changed people. She in turn called upon the communities the former inmates will return to receive and integrate them having been transformed.

Ms Gladys Yona, Deputy Officer-in-Charge in Kitui Women Prisons revealed that they have 45 women inmates who live with their young ones in prison. She said that the inmates are taken care of by female prison officials and it was a wonderful occasion to celebrate with all of them in the International Women’s Day since it was their day.

Yona reiterated that women are able to serve in all fields including politics.


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