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DCI identifies Nairobi sexual assault mastermind

 Police have finally unmasked the mastermind o the heinous sexual harassment incident that took place in Nairobi. This is according to a report obtained from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Sexual assault suspect Zachariah Nyaora Obadia. (pictured) has been identified as the man who assaulted a female motorist along Prof Wangari Maathai/Forest Road. Photo/DCI

A multiagency team comprising of the elite Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) and DCI Nairobi Regional Headquarters has identified the suspect as Zachariah Nyaora Obadia.

After positively identifying the suspect, police launched a manhunt for him in the Mukuru Kaiyaba informal settlements on March 8 in the afternoon hours.

Police however said that the suspect was able to escape their dragnet by a whisker. “However, the suspect who is aware of the ongoing crackdown on errant boda boda riders escaped our dragnet by a whisker, via a sewer duct in the densely populated settlement”, the DCI posted on its official Facebook page.

The disciplined forces further revealed that the suspect was positively identified by his wife and other relatives. He was caught on videotape sexually assaulting a victim. The video has video shared widely.

The suspect was sternly warned not to engage police in cat and mouse games but immediately surrender to DCI Headquarters or the nearest police station. The same also applies to his accomplices who were identified forensically.

The despicable incidence happened along Wangari Maathai/former Forest Road where a female motorist was molested by suspected Bodaboda operators.


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