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Mother appeals for support in aid of her blind daughter

 The mother to Mwingi KCPE candidate who turned blind a week before sitting for KCPE is calling for support from the government and other well wishers. The support will be used in seeking treatment for her daughter.

Kisole Primary School candidate Stella Vaati (left) is helped by her mother Ms Kathini Maluki in hospital she was admitted having turned blind a week before KCPE exams. Photo/COURTESY

Speaking to the press, Kathini Maluki, the mother of Stella Vaati said her daughter has been hardworking and was determined to excel in the national examinations until her eyes went blind.

Vaati is a student at Kisole Primary School. KCPE started on March 7, a Monday.

Mwingi Central Deputy County Commissioner Solomon Komen said medical records show that the candidate’s blindness arose from a brain tumour she suffered.

The mother said her daughter had been complaining of severe headache. All this time, no one knew what was ailing her. Ms Maluki could occasionally buy painkillers from chemists to relief Vaati’s headache. Sometimes, the pain would subside.

We went to Kitui hospital where she was examined. The doctor said it was a growth that is obstructing the veins responsible for eyesight. She was not able to sit for her exams as she was being treated of the pain. When the headache ceased, her eyesight was lost. We are still suffering”, said the mother.

The pupil was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment but her illness has not been healed.


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