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Mama is stable, we thank God and continue to pray for her miracle

 Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka misses his wife Pauline Musyoka’s vitality and ability to mobilize as he prepares for his second run for president.

Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his Wife Pauline Musyoka. Photo/COURTESY

During an exclusive interview with Citizen TV, Kalonzo said that his wife was stable and through prayer, she will be healed of an undisclosed illness.

“Mama is stable and we thank God. We continue to pray for her miracle.”, he said.

The Kenya’s envoy to South Sudan revealed his tough balancing act between taking care of his ailing wife and his public life. Musyoka said that his wife understands that he must fight on and by him pushing on with the presidential race, he will be helping her in recovery.

“She knows that I must fight on. By fighting on, I am assisting in her recovery, I believe”, he told Chemutai Goin, the Citizen TV anchor.

Their love story began 50 years ago when they met during a Christians Conference at Meru School. Kalonzo was in form five then while Pauline was in form two. She was a student in Mulango Girls.

In April 2021, Kalonzo told Maisha Magic East that his beautiful wife was a gift from God.

“Huyu mke wangu Pauline tulijuana na yeye akiwa form 2 na mimi nikiwa form 5.

This was about 1972. Yeye alikuwa Mulango Girls. Alikuwa Secretary ya Kamati ya Wakristo.

Na mimi nilipokuwa Meru School tukakutana katika Christians Conference. Mama Maridadi, beautiuful, tall and smart. Then after that nikaona a beautiful wife is a gift from God”, said Kalonzo.

Pauline Musyoka has been in an out of hospital since 2015. She is a former Central Bank of Kenya employee.


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