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Ukambani Benga King says his band almost wiped out

 VETERAN Ukambani music maestro Ken Wamaria was involved in a road accident earlier today.

Ukambani Benga King Ken Wamaria was involved in a road crash on January 1, 2022 with 10 other band members. Photo/COURTESY

While sharing his unfortunate incident to his followers on his Facebook page, he wrote: Accident at Kathiiani… critical condition wana Yatta.

"As we were about to reach Kathiani, we encountered steep slopes. I had replaced the brakes recently. I thought I could stop and check what was wrong in the car... maybe it was brake. 

When I tried to stop the car, it could not be brought to a halt. I raised my feet and struggled. As it was about to veer into a ditch, I suddenly changed direction. That is when I saw an embankment. The car was too heavy...

I was with my full band of 11 members. I was the one driving" said the Ajali Ya Wana Yatta singer. 

Wamaria says his band was about to be wiped in the Kathiani accident. The start of year 2022 was too scary but no one died during the accident.

Yatta band was coming from Thwake where it entertained its fans.

To underline the seriousness of the accident, Ken said that one of his band members sustained a fractured leg, another was injured on the face and one female band member sustained a back injury.

The injured band members were rushed to Kathiani for first aid and will be referred to Machakos for more treatment, said Ken Wamaria

"We will know when we arrive at Machakos Level Five Hospital. 80 per cent of the injured is soft tissue", he told a local digital media channel. 


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