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THE use of cryptocurrencies has gained popularity over the years.

Flitaa bitcoin prides itself as the best in Africa and is available for download in both iPhone and Android devices. It is user friendly too. Check it out. Photo/COURTESY

For two years leading up to 2020, the use of cryptocurrencies shot up 190 per cent according to Statista.

As at February last year, there were 68 million digital wallets.

But the use of cryptocurrencies or bitcoins has not been without challenges. Skeptics fear being duped by scammers while many potential users lack basic information such as how it works and what they stand to gain if they venture into cryptocurrency use.

Flitaa is an African bitcoin that offers user friendly interface to start off his/her cryptocurrency journey.

It enables a customer to buy, sell, swap and earn from digital money effortlessly.

Proponents say it is secure, fast and simple to use and guarantees the user a positive experience.

Flitaa does not use intermediaries like peer-to-peer networks.  It enables the user to transact directly from the system into their mobile phones. This means you can easily deposit and withdraw from Flitaa.

Both Android and iPhone devices users can install the bitcoin on their mobile phones by downloading Flitaa app from Google Play Store here or going to Apple App Store.


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