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I sing for development; I don’t abuse people -Katethya

 TITUS Kyalo Kimanzi alias Katethya is not your regular young person on the streets of Kalimbui, Tseikuru. He gave us many ‘big names’ numbers off head.

 Katethya talks to Mwingi Times during a conversation on January 26. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

From his memory, he lists a number of numbers without missing a digit. Then he tersely asks, “what had you called me for?”. Then Mwingi Times interview begins.

Perhaps bragging about his changed life owing to his hard-sought political songs, Katethya says that he can sing for any politician this electioneering season. The only rider, he says, is that they should hire him at a fee he will negotiate with them.

Already, having sang for Mwingi North aspiring MP Irianga, word went round via WhatsApp and he landed another deal to sing. This time, it was for Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo. They both sent him a token of appreciation.

“My singing has given me a higher class. The people I hang around with are people with a great vision for this country. There was a time I was picked from home by DC Merinyang in a GK vehicle to go and sing for donors in a World Vision International event when they were winding up operations in Masyungwa.

This is the song he sang for Irianga;

Genre he sings

When I leave my house, I pass by and people say greet so and so. Can’t you see he is passing by? Even when seated, my class has climbed a bit. I don’t sing songs to abuse others”.

When not crafting his lyrics, Katethya is a staunch Catholic who wears his rosary even during our interviews.

“I was baptised in Mivukoni. I was given the name Titus. I was baptised by Father Kisyiambyu.  I go to Kanzuli Catholic Church but not always. Us believers have Christ in our hearts”, he says, almost in a pastoral tone.

The qualified driver hustles for income via volunteering to construct roads which have gaping gullies, an indicator of failed leadership in his own constituency.  He then gets some tips from drivers who see his good work when using the roads.

Throughout the interview, he kept telling us that Irianga is the man to beat in the upcoming Mwingi North MP elections. He dismisses his opponents as unreachable and not conversant with the needs of the wananchi.

Being a farmer himself, Katethya takes time to emphasize the importance of smart farming saying that one has to time and plough well. He was unreachable earlier when we tried to organize an interview with him only to say he was in a mwethya at a neighbour’s farm.

A mwethya is a farming occasion where residents come to a household and help in weeding all day until the farm is free of weeds.  They are then cooked andazis and other delicacies including mbithi or sometimes local brew.



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