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JUMBO injures Kyandoo man in a nasty encounter

 Peter Muthusi Kimala of Kyandoo village in Kamuwongo area of Kyuso Sub County, at about 5 pm had a nasty encounter with one of the two stray Jumbos that are hiding at Kwa Ndomi thick forest as he approached the beasts trying to scare them away.

A herd of elephants quenching thirst at Tsavo National Park. Photo/FILE

The chief for Kamuwongo location Jane Mwende said the infuriated jumbo picked the man using its trunk and threw him several meters away.

She said he landed with a thud injuring his abdomen and right leg.

"He could not stand on his own and he was carried into a police Land Cruiser pick up that rushed him to Mwingi Level Four Hospital.

His right leg also appeared to have been rendered non-functional following the attack," the chief told Mwingi Times.

Two elephants strayed from Kora National Park in Tana River County last night and marauded all the way to Kyandoo area in Kitui County.

Kyuso Sub County Deputy County Commissioner Mr Reuben Kimosop had earlier today warned locals to avoid provoking the jumbos once they encroached their villages. 

His advice appears to have fallen into a deaf ear for Mr Kimala case.


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