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Your statues are of low quality, residents criticise Kibwana

 THE launching of Wote Green Park statues has attracted mixed reactions from Makueni County residents.

Makueni Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana poses with the statue of John Samuel Mbiti (left) and Syokimau (right). At the centre is statue of Ndutu Wa Kilungu aka General Munoa Mana.  Residents say honouring Kamba legends should be done with commensurate quality production. Photo/COURTESY

Governor Kivutha Kibwana took to Facebook on November 22 informing residents of the new facility which offers ambience for recreation and innovation, according to him.

He further went on to say that it will be a place for guests to replenish with rich history of Akamba community through profiled icons of its great legends.

But most residents Mwingi Times interviewed said that it was a misplaced priority given they lacked adequate water and other amenities such as roads.

They also think that the sculptures were ugly and of low quality.

Mwania Martin dismissed the launch as misplaced resource saying that they need water. “Chief Kivoi etutethya ata!!! (How will Chief Kivoi help us?) he paused.

His sentiments were echoed by Mikey Michaels who opined that for poverty to be eradicated, water should be made available to all sections of the society.

Serene environment

To underline the need for professionalism in coming up with the serene environment, a resident said that the hands and faces should be a little realistic unless they are cartoon versions of Akamba ancestors.  

“Whoever did this work is an embarrassment to the Kenyan people. I am not an expert but the hands and the faces should be a little realistic”, said Jamisiwi Jamisiwi.

Most residents said that the statutes were poorly done and they needed a good artist to bring out something close to reality.

Another resident said that the government should invest in CBC system and avoid “drawing scarecrows” as pupils did in class two and three. Living Testimony Raphael ends by said that whoever did the work did not deserve full payment.

Kenyans who supported Prof Kibwana’s initiative said it will go a long way in preserving the Kamba culture and its history. They said that the current generation has assets to pass to the young ones and their grandchildren.

Governor Kibwana did not disclose how much it cost the county to put up such structures.


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