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UNCIVILIZED Kitui senatorial aspirant confronted by a slay queen in Nairobi bar

 A Kitui politician who is campaigning to unseat Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua was captured in an undated video fighting with a woman in a pub somewhere in Nairobi.

A Kitui senatorial aspirant (right) fights with a female friend in an undated video grab we have seen.  The aspirant was disapproved by other revellers for engaging himself in the disorderly act. We have blurred their faces for privacy reasons. Photo/COURTESY

The aspirant was probably tipsy going by the unstable walking style and speech in the now viral film.

In the viral video seen by Mwingi Times, the aspirant fights with the female friend. “Continue beating me”, cries the bar girl. The man beats the girl for talking in the pub and other revellers complain against his uncultured manners.

The conflict seems deeper than shown in the film because the senatorial aspirant tells the lady friend that he wants other people to hear what she has done to him. “Nataka watu wasikie nimekufanya nini”, he says.

In 2017, the politician gave Mr Wambua a run for his money owing to the closely fought senatorial seat in the expansive county.

Perhaps to underscore his closeness to power, the politician was captured in another photo chatting with other top leaders, all donning suits in spruced up surroundings.


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