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MUTURI: Yes, I support courts that MCA aspirants can vie without having degrees

 National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has lauded court’s decision to allow Ward Representative aspirants to vie for the seat without having attained a degree.

Speaker Justin Muturi (left) is welcomed by  Bomet Governor Dr Hillary Barchok, Senator Christopher Lang'at and Bomet Speaker Nelson Mutai. He opened a new mini chamber named after the late Governor Joyce Laboso. Photo/COURTESY

The Speaker said that requiring MCAs to have a degree would have locked out many capable leaders who were willing and able to lead but lack the higher education papers.

He was speaking at Bomet County Assembly where he opened a new mini chamber named after the late Governor Joyce Laboso.

Justice Antony Mrima ruled on October 15, 2021 that the provision requiring MCAs to have attained university degrees was irrational and that stakeholders were not consulted in drafting the law that makes up Section 22 (1) of the Elections Act.

Muturi says that the decision to choose who to vie for MCA seat should be left to wananchi to decide.

He said that the county assemblies are well staffed with professionals to handle technical issues like law and economics.

“Our parliamentary budget office, for instance, has financial analysts and economists to advise on budget and advocates that advise legal matters” said Speaker Muturi.

Muturi called for close working relations between National Assembly and County Assemblies in order to ensure that devolution succeeds.

Speaker Muturi will be vying for presidency in 2022 by Democratic Party ticket which he leads.


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