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The future of fundraising is social media- Wamuthalu

 Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, many community events have been downscaled, deferred or stopped altogether. In the past, the event organizers would plan for thousands of guests but today they rarely go past 100.

Mr Syengo Wamuthalu (second right) with Waita GK prison officer Mr John Koech, Ms. Francisca Muthengi and Mr Alex Mailu  during a consultative meeting about women in prisons.Photo/COURTESY

One events manager who has been in virtually all Tseikuru big gigs is Syengo Wamuthalu. He has succeeded in organizing events by meeting the championed goals and needs of the community.

While speaking exclusively to Mwingi Times, Wamuthalu says that the future of fundraising is social media where residents and friends form WhatsApp groups to support a cause such as clearing medical fees, school fees or parties. The parties may be birthdays, graduations, retirement or housewarming events.

“The future of fundraising in our country is taking shape mostly through the social media. Going forward, we may do away with physical meetings”, says the MC who is also a Health Systems strengthening expert in the NGO world.

Little pay

Perhaps, it is his people skills that help mobilize Kenyans to support a need in the community. Wamuthalu reveals that emceeing in these public events does not pay much. In his last event, he was paid Sh10,000 which he says was a low payment given the prevailing MC rates in Kenya. “Actually, I don’t, make money in MCing.”, he reveals.

Syengo plans to start an event management consultancy company that will help in public rallies that are organized by residents to support one another. 

TOP: Syengo Wamuthalu at Kalimbui secondary school fundraiser.  BOTTOM RIGHT: Syengo greets former Kenya Prisons assistant commissioner  Mr Samson Kunzu during his retirement ceremony held at his rural home in Tseikuru. BOTTOM LEFT: A graduation ceremony invite where he was the Master of Ceremony. Photos/COURTESY

One major drawback of an MC job is that it lacks facilitation for event managers, moderators and Masters of Ceremony (MCs) who are at times forced to use their own resources to realize a noble goal for the sake of the community welfare.

He challenges political leaders to be proactive in supporting wananchi as they fundraise for their own campaigns from well-wishers, friends and their supporters.

The Ministry of Health requires Kenyans to maintain a two-meter social distance when in public events. They are also supposed to wash their hands regularly with soap and running water as well as wear face masks when in public places.

The CS Mutahi Kagwe -led ministry recommends that Kenyans stay in well ventilated areas especially those in closed areas and ensure they open windows when boarding motor vehicles. These measures are put in place to fight Covid-19 pandemic.


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