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Kitui Ndengu farmers win big, after Senator Wambua’s bill sails through Senate

Kitui farmers especially who grow green grams (Ndengu) have all reasons to smile, after the Mung (Ndengu) Beans Bill (Senate Bill number 9 of 2020) was unanimously passed by the senate in a record time. 

The bill which will see Kitui Ndengu farmers get financial help from the national government in form of grants and loans if adopted by the national assembly and assented by the Presidentb Uhuru Kenyatta, was presented before the senate by Kitui senator Enoch Kiio Wambua.
 Now the remaining role is for Kitui Members of National Assembly to lobby further for the bill to sail through the national assembly and Kitui farmers would start reaping maximum benefits from Ndengu farming.
After the bill sailed through senate in record time, Senator Wambua lauded all those who supported the bill and proposed amendments to make the bill more beneficial to Ndengu farmers across the country.
“I thank each senator who supported the bill and proposed excellent amendments to benefit Ndengu farmers all over the country. With passage of this Bill in the senator, our farmers have moved closer to better days where they shall enjoy support to grow and market Ndengu,” explained senator Wambua.
Senator Wambua also pleaded with members of the National Assembly to fast track passage of the Bill once tabled before the house for concurrence.
“I urge and plead with the National Assembly to fast track passage of the bill once tabled for concurrence,” urged the senator for Kitui county.
Finally, the senator thanked the people of Kitui for standing with him and for supporting him with prayers which enabled him to get the bill passed.
“I thank the people of Kitui for standing with me, supporting my initiative and praying for me to move and lobby for the passage of the Bill. To God I give all the glory. He is an awesome God,” he added. 

Story by: Mwingi Times Reporter

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  1. Congratulations our senator. Your vision and zeal to transform the livelihoods of kitui people is on record. Keep up the good work. PAMOJA


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